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Noticias Mayo 2016

1) Nominations requested for the selection panel for the Scientific Committee: Deadline 10th May 2016

Cochrane’s Board of Trustees (the Steering Group) agreed to establish a Scientific Committee for the purpose of providing independent authoritative guidance for the methods Cochrane should use in its reviews.

A selection panel will identify the first committee members. The panel seeks representation from Co-ordinating Editors (one member of the Executive and one wider Board member); Methods Convenors (one member of the Executive and one wider Board member); one representative from the other Cochrane groups: Centres, Fields, and Consumers; and one representative of the ME and Information Specialist community on this panel. The full panel will comprise: David Tovey (Editor in Chief), current Cochrane Board representative Holger Schünemann (Cochrane Canada) and an independent representative, along with the six internal group members.

This is a time limited panel to agree a call for Scientific Committee nominations and to consider actively approaching specific individuals outside Cochrane (by invitation) to produce a balanced and well-functioning committee. Deadline for nominations to the panel is 20th May, 2016. If you are interested in submitting an application for the Centre/Fields/Consumer position, you should do so via your Group Executive by Thursday 12th May:

• Centre Directors Executive: Irena Zakarija-Grkovic and Joerg Meerpohl

• Fields Executive: Denise Thomson

• Consumers: Richard Morley

For each application, candidates will need to provide a short summary (fewer than 500 words) of their relevant expertise and experience, along with basic information on languages spoken and geographical location. David Tovey and Holger Schünemann will make the final selections from the individuals who put themselves forward, bearing in mind the need for broad expertise, and also geographical, linguistic and gender diversity. 

2) Structure and Function changes to Cochrane Groups: No deadline for comments

You may have seen the recent email circulated by the Cochrane Co-Chairs, Mark Wilson and David Tovey in relation to the organizational Structure and Function review. You can also read the content of the email and download the associated paper, Review of the Structure and Function of Cochrane Groups: Proposals for Group level change, from the Cochrane Community website. In addition, Mark Wilson has just released a blog post with more information.

You are encouraged to contribute your thoughts and ideas to the development of these vitally important plans. You can make any comments, and ask any questions, by emailing

Centre Directors have been emailed separately by the CDs Executive about the process of commenting on the overarching vision document for Centres, Implementing Strategy to 2020: Cochrane Centres, Branches and Networks.

3) Fostering communications between Centres and CRGs: No deadline for questions

At the Centre Directors Board meeting in London, 4-5th April, participants said that they would be interested in getting the views of CRGs on various topics and questions. As a first step, if you have a question that you think would benefit from the response of the CRGs – no matter how big or small! – please email it to Lucie Binder.


4) Reform of the Cochrane Steering Group and associated governance structures

The Steering Group announced earlier this year a proposal for the transition to a new governance structure, including a transition from the Steering Group structure to a new Cochrane Governing Board.

At the strategic session in London on 5th April, participants focussed on ensuring a meaningful voice for Groups in the new governance structure. This is likely to be achieved through the development of a ‘Council’ that will incorporate members of the Group Executives and Boards. The governance reform working group is now assessing the recommendations made by all the participants in London – including whether the Council should get a voting position on the new Board – and will provide a proposal for consultation and eventual ratification at the forthcoming AGM in Seoul.

5) List of Group Executives and their members

A list of Group Executives and their members is available on the Cochrane Community website.

6) Current Cochrane job opportunities

The Central Executive Team is seeking a part-time HR Manager and a Financial Controller. Cochrane Innovations is seeking Board members. See Cochrane Jobs for more information.


Cochrane Priority Reviews List: May 2016 Updatean

Cochrane-wide prioritization remains an imporant project – almost 100 priority reviews have been published since the project began. The inital list has been updated with newly added titles that are open to new author teams.

Cochrane Crowd is here – become a Cochrane citizen scientist!

Cochrane Crowd has launched! This beta platform will enable anyone to get involved with Cochrane and help identify the evidence we need to make informed healthcare decisions.

What proportion of Cochrane Reviews are WIki-compatible?

A new Cochrane Blog post on finding the right fit between Cochrane Reviews and Wikipedia pages.

Assessing the current state of systematic reviews

New Cochrane Blog post delves into a new study examining the quality and quantity of systematic reviews.